Things I've Saved on Instagram This Month

Things I've Saved on Instagram This Month

I’m an active fan of Hob Non Journal, and as well an active lover of Instagram, so when Linn Eklund introduced the ‘What I saved on Instagram lately’ article, I thought I would do my own version. So credit is totally not mine, but I would love to know, what you saved on Instagram this month?!

Self-love Memes & Deeper-Meaning Quotes

It’s pretty clear from my saved posts folder, that I’m loving TV-show cut-outs from Sex & the City and Friends. Honestly, give me all the sister solidarity and self-confidence boosts you can.

Instagram saved posts

For the Love of Pasta

The only fashionable food. Also, the only food I see myself eating (except maybe from ice-cream, but is that food?)

Accessories Galore

I want fun, bold accessories. Gimme, gimme, gimme.

Thinking of Inking

I’ve been thinking a lot about tattoos lately, and I’m all for those simple, abstract lines like the female bodies above. Or I would get something to do with astrology.

Autumn, is that you darling?

Autumn, is that you darling?